Sunday, February 7, 2010


Well, this will be my first post since creating this blog months ago.Hey, I got really busy with work and school. Anyways for this first post I'd like to talk about the FORGETFUL bitch. who is the forgetful bitch? Well shes that bitch that always seems to forget that you DID tell her about that important reservation request or that important deadline. But, she seems to forget that you did. She also seems to forget the way things actually happened and adds her ownd twist on the actual events that take place during a conflict. And oh how odd, things always seem to change to her advantage. If you have encountered the FORGETFULL bitch let me know. I am sure that I have. let me tell you my own story. This bitch let a guest at the hotel where I work know that I live on property ( I am the night manager) and exactly where I live leading them to my door. How creepy. apparently when I asked her to be discrete with that information I was wrong because I myself had told the guest in front of her. What a blatant twisting of information. To my dismay the bosses believed her what can you do? Forgetfulness is just one lethal tool of that bitch at work.